Sunday, February 6, 2011

too much of me in u | end up dying

There is nothing much to tell about for this past few days except that my Robin is not doing well. For your information. Robin is my camera. My Canon 400D. Yeah i know, "outdated nyer camera kau!!". It's the only thing i have right now . Camera power kalau pakai auto buat apa.

It actually happen during my weeding job in Kelantan last Friday and it happen to be the most un'sangka'able things that i hope not to happen to me during my job cause i have only one body to carry around. Too much happen right; it happen. Sigh~. So as for a solution, im glad that i have Akmal Jamal along with me with his Canon 550D. 

Apparently in dilemma on buying a new body or repairing the old Robin. Shutter slide oh shutter slide.

(-_-) ~


gadis lensa said...

just buy the new one la.. only body kan.. hehe..

pitt fauzi said...

gadis : oh i wish i can do that..
(-_-) ~