Tuesday, January 18, 2011

im moving on

Well i guess i'm back here doing what a typical blogger now days doing, which is writing a crap about my own self. Well i'm here not to write about my self or about others =) . I'm re-building my junky space here to create something that will show you guys a quarter part about my life which is photos. By the way my name is Pitt, own a cheap canon DSLR with a self thought knowledge in photography. Huge passion in photos i should say, most of all in portraiture. When i say self thought in photography, what i mean is, i do not have a proper teacher. Most of the knowledge that i gain, either come from friends when we do outing nearly almost every weekend before or i google my self trough the internet. You would be amaze about the new edge of the technology recently.

So here some of the pictures shot and post process by me at my early stage progressively involving my self in photography. Owning a camera for about 3 years already and just realizing that i should waste my shutter count a year ago. How silly am i. Feel free to ask or maybe leave some advise and critics at the comment column. Turra!!



farhanfz said...

wow.. cept gila updated... haha.. x bru ngadap laptop ja

pitt fauzi said...

yang aku update kat laen, ko bantai cmmnt kat laen..hape dah~