Friday, January 21, 2011

home with no parental advisory

What's with the title?
I don't have any idea why. All this while i thought that the parental advisory logo supposed to mean like under adult supervision; i'm wrong. Hahaha. About the logo actually, we can find it sticking at the album cover. It actually a sticker that warn people of its 'appropriateness' contain in the lyric. So basically, i'm not wrong lah!

Shall we move to why i'm posting the title like that. It supposed to be a surprise coming home idea but it happen to be my wrong step. By the way, i'm home now at Muadzam Shah. The idea of coming home is to spend my weekend with my parents since i'm not coming back for this Chinese New Year holiday due to my job in Kelantan. The surprise turn out to be a surprise for me when my parents telling me that they will be out for two days to Kuantan and Terengganu for some stuff and i were given a task to baby sit my little sister or should i call my evil little creature. Hahaha.

im off to pick her up now. By the way, i already update some of the picture at my previous post. Check it out!
nur janna | engineering student

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